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 Workshop Announcement
Registration Closed for the April 7-11, 2014 Workshop

The Telecommunications Certification Body Council (TCBC) is pleased to host our April 2014 Workshop from April 7-11, 2014 once again at the Holiday Inn - Inner Harbor in Baltimore, Maryland.   This will be a 5 day event divided into the following groups:
Day 1 - April 7 - Training for Beginners in TCB programs
Day 2-4 - April 8-10 - Regular 3-day TCBC Workshop
Day 5 - April 11 - ISO/IEC Guide 17065 Training

These Workshops will be held at the Holiday Inn, Inner Harbor in Baltimore MD.   Registration and Details are available by clicking here.

Registration may only available for for live (or recorded) streaming by WebEx

DVD recordings of the FCC/IC and Beginner Training sessions will be avaliable soon after the workshops.

Click here to access the Archived Presentations from past Workshops (members only).


Workshop DVDs (including October 2013) Available for order 

Did you miss the recent Workshops? Do you wish you could replay the FCC's presentations?  Well, now you can see and hear what the FCC had to say on DVDs to play on your computer or home theater. The October 2012 Workshop DVD have been edited to incorporate the presenters speaking at the podium, excellent sound quality and images of the presentation slides throughout.  Orders are being shipped immediately.  Additionally the earlier FCC presentations archive DVD's are also available for order (back as far as October 2010).   Click here for price and order information.


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