ISED Training Event


Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) is pleased to present an RSS-102/SPR-004 online training event that will be held on Wednesday,  December 8, 2021 from 9:00am to 12pm (EST).



The goal of this event is to provide test labs and CB’s with additional information and guidance necessary to document and assess compliance of devices to the requirements set forth in RSS-102/SPR-004.


Due to the publication of RSS-102/SPR-004 on June 18, 2021, devices that implement an ISED approved time-averaged Specific Absorption Rate (TAS) algorithm to manage and mitigate the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) must be assessed against the validation requirements stated in this first edition of SPR-004. 

Test laboratories and CB’s will be responsible for assessing and certifying devices against those requirements for WWAN algorithms that have been previously approved by ISED.

Training Outline:

1.        Consultation with ISED For New and Emerging Technologies
2.        TAS Summary
3.        Referenced Publications for TAS
4.        Pre-Approval of New TAS Algorithms
5.        ISED Approved TAS Algorithms
6.        Test Laboratory TAS Assessment Approval Letter
7.        Operational Description / Supplemental Information
8.        Device Characterization
9.        SAR Test Report Requirements
10.      Validation Test Report Requirements
11.      Q & A

Call out for Questions:

ISED is planning to answer questions during the training session.  However, we recommend that participants email technical questions (to [email protected])  in advance so ISED can prepare and provide answers during the Q&A period. 

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