TCB Code of Practices

The TCB Council has generated a Code of Practices which in summary lays out the following:

  1.  1.Adherence to Guide 65 with emphasis on specific clauses
  2. 2.Publication of all TCB services and expectations
  3. 3.Signed agreement between the TCB and client
  4. 4.Complete application with appropriate statements from client
  5. 5.Reviewers and certifiers appropriately training and assessed for competence
  6. 6.Determining competence of a laboratory
  7. 7.TCB shall only certify equipment for which it has authority and competence
  8. 8.Complete quality reviews of applications for certification
  9. 9.Manufacturer statements regarding review of test data
  10. 10.TCB system to monitor quality and prevent errors
  11. 11.Reporting of undue pressure from clients
  12. 12.Internal TCB audits
  13. 13.Surveillance audits expectations

TCB Code of Practice(v11 May 2007)

Survey of TCBs- Summary by Art Wall

TCBC Guidance 06-01 – Internal Audits

Presentations by Art Wall on 10/04/2006

TCB Code

TCB Survey